G.K. Ndungu is an economist, a public policy analyst and a governance expert, with vast experience in policy design & development, public sector reforms, legislative development and political & economic governance.

He has extensive experience in providing advisory services to government (national and subnational levels), legislative institutions and civil society organizations on matter related to law-making, policy making, policy implementation, budgeting and public finance management and monitoring and evaluation of policies and programs.

He has over 16 years of experience in working with legislatures to improve their performance by focusing on internal administration and management, modification of parliamentary rules of procedure, drafting and enactment of legislation, oversight of the executive branch, budget analysis, constituency relations, and mechanisms for public participation in the lawmaking process.

He has wealth of experience in working with sub-national level of government to establish the foundation for democratic, decentralized local governance by creating the prerequisite legal framework and policies; enhancing the capacity of local government officials; building the financial and management systems and procedures; improving the delivery of public services; and strengthening mechanisms for broad citizen engagement and participation.

He has practical working experience on how to improve the government’s accountability to its citizens by supporting requisite reforms and strengthening oversight and the demand for accountability and better governance.

He considers his greatest influence to be the integration of public policy, technology, imagination and creativity in the design of comprehensive solutions to the most common pressing public problems. His interests range from development policy, to public sector reforms, to electoral processes, to representative politics, to institutional reform, to accountable democratic governance, to service deliver.

His specialties are: Institutional strengthening; Public administration reform; Democratic & governance; Legislative development; Public financial management; Capacity development; Political economy analysis; Participatory governance; Strengthening civil society organizations (CSOs); and Project cycle management

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