Hatua Narrative Report 2020


Strengthening the voices of the Religious Fraternity in the Fight against corruption program grant number 136011 implemented by Hatua Trust is a two -year program that seeks to empower citizens address public issues such as corruption. As individuals and citizens, Christians can participate in fostering accountability and eradicating corruption and should act as a resister to corruption (Theron & Lotter 2012:98).

This half year report provides reflections on the process and outcomes of the program to strengthen the voices of the Religious Fraternity in the Fight against corruption program implemented in 8 counties in Kenya, with meetings held at regional level.

The program is being implemented with the Youth, Women and religious leaders in western and Nyanza counties with the objective of amplifying the voice of the Church in the fight against corruption.

The program started in July 2020 to empower youth, women and religious leaders to align themselves on addressing corruptions at the county levels. The present report outlines the main activities and projects carried out by Hatua Trust
from June to December 2020. These activities were developed in line with the program areas outlined in Hatua Trust’s 2019-2020 strategic plan, notably citizen engagement, women empowerment and youth empowerment.

Our priority areas were:

mobilizing public action (youth, women and congregations in general) to reinforce the efforts of anti-corruption institutions and strategies. Establishing collaborative interventions with a network of partners and civil society organizations engaged in the fight against corruption.

De-ethnicizing and depoliticizing corruption The report includes the experiences of the various constituencies so far, how far they have moved towards the fight against corruption, their expectations and recommendations. The findings in this report show that there have been significant shifts regarding the fight against corruption, best illustrated by the indicators of success. All the groups including women, youth and religious leaders reported significant improvements in awareness, commitment, empowerment, in their understanding of key concepts regarding Corruption and the Social cost of corruption.
This interim review report is submitted by Hatua Trust to Ford Foundation and forms the half year narrative report of grant number 136011.

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