Engage & catalyse Christian religious organizations and individuals to be active and to Participate in Social Change

About Us

Participating in social accountability processes

Hatua Trust (Kenya) is a civil society organization that uniquely engages and catalyzes Christian organizations and individuals to actively participate in social accountability processes towards their local or national governments. Formally registered in 2012, Hatua began its operations in 2009 as a project based initiative , running programs in peace building, civic engagement for women and youth, forums that enabled clergy from different church networks to engage with local and national governments and the media on various civic issues. Kenya is currently implementing its new constitution passed in 2010 which will ensure that service delivery is adequate and that resources are utilized well .The Kenyan society continues to experience significant challenges in areas such as tribalism, corruption and selfish leadership which require active citizen participation.
The church, while influential in shaping the views and mindsets of its congregations, is largely ill equipped to engage in the complexity of civic processes. This could be due to large power distances, complex legislations, and complex processes in holding government accountable. Citizens are also as clueless. Hatua Trust develops biblically based materials that spur people to carry out their God given mandate to ensure that society is just and fair. The Trust holds forums that empower its different audiences within churches or church networks. Mainline denominations provide networks to mobilize large numbers of clergy, youth or women who take action to hold their civic leaders accountable.